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My latest article for GQ Magazine entitled, “Modern Man’s Five Biggest Diet Mistakes” can be seen here. Well worth a read if you get a moment as it highlights some of the hidden nutritional dangers currently lurking in our cupboards.

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VERY proud of my latest article in Muscle & Fitness which addresses how crunches are probably the most overrated exercise in strength and conditioning.

A bold statement to begin an article with I know, but a recent study conducted at the Department of Kinesiology at The Pennsylvania State University, USA, showed (through surface electromyography electrodes) that activation of the abdominal and lumbar muscles were greatest during compound movements.

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Post-workout nutrition will never be the same again. Presenting the, “Chocolate Protein Cheesecake” a nutrient dense recipe that helps you meet your elevated macro requirements (protein and carbohydrates) and enhance recovery after the gym….

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