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My Goal: World Record Swim

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      Ross Edgley

      This part of the forum is 100% FULL of support…

      No trolls, no negative comments… we are purely a tribe filled with amazing people and personal stories where members can share their journeys, post update/transformation pictures and swap advice on here ALL to inspire, educate and support each other. To kick things off, this is my current condition and my goal is to set the world record for the longest swim in history 🙂

      *Whilst I will be uploading videos into the Train Like Ross section, this area I want to use like all other members to document the more personal journey and also ask advice and share feedback 🙂 Turning our tribe into a mass collective of EPIC 🙂

      Body Stats
      Height: 5-ft-9
      Weight: 90kg
      Current PB: 61km and 41km pulling a 100lbs tree
      Goal: Swim 225km (no tree) non stop

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      • This topic was modified 4 years, 8 months ago by Ross Edgley.
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      Amazing! I am currently training for 16 Marathons in 16 Days in all 16 of the UKs National Parks. This is following the Glen Coe Skyrace and the Three Peaks Rope Climb… Its been a while since I have been running!!!

      Body Stats:
      6ft 3in
      PB: Skyrunning Extreme world series
      Goal: Four Challenges in 2018 with an Iceland World Record

      Three Peaks Rope Climb

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      Those are pretty EPIC goals! Mine is more just to get my fitness/physique back after injury and gain some serious deadlift strength back.

      bodyfat 13-12% (since the holiday feasts)
      Deadlift PB 200kg 3 stest 4 reps

      Goals: Bodyfat at a consistent 8-10%
      Being able to smash some assault courses
      Deadlift 300kg by this time next year

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      53 years old

      Lose 20lbs and then set some big goals for myself

      P.s. They still haven’t changed my forum name… it’s showing my Missus’s name instead of mine.

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      Epic Goals this year, Man Vs Series Trifecta + Extras

      Body Stats
      Height: 5-ft-9
      Weight: 67KG
      Current PB: 30km OCR (BGSR) & 19km OCR (TM)
      Goal: ManVsCoast (32KM) ManVsLakes (42KM/3037Ft Ascent) Both in the same month (July18) ManVsMountain (35km/5055FT Ascent) (Sept18)

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      only just found this section!

      height 5’4
      weight 62kg (target 55)
      current pb 63 mile run, with a 100 mile race shortly
      goal LEJOG

      I can’t even get my head around a 225km swim! How long would you be hoping it takes ross?

Viewing 5 reply threads
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