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Chlorine, Swimming & Health

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    Ross Edgley

    I wanted to post this to the forum since the GIANT legend that is lewiswardlept makes SUCH a great point…

    He was asking about the negative impact chlorine exposure can have on the body and whilst my response was below, I wanted to create this thread to see if there were any other chemicals and compounds people try to avoid…

    “So chlorine and swimming, a GREAT question. I too am very conscious of this and that’s why I will always swim outside to reduce the negative impacts of chlorine inhalation but also wherever possible (and certainly more this year) will be swimming outside to avoid (what you have quite rightly identified) as a possible endocrine disruptor (a chemical that disrupt the normal hormone production cycle). But you raise SUCH a good point here buddy, in that it’s NOT just chlorine was should be concerned with, but a whole manner of compounds that impact our homeostasis. To quote Charles Richet

    “The living being is stable. It must be so in order not to be destroyed, dissolved or disintegrated by the colossal forces, often adverse, which surround it. By an apparent contradiction it maintains its stability only if it is excitable and capable of modifying itself according to external stimuli and adjusting its response to the stimulation. In a sense it is stable because it is modifiable – the slight instability is the necessary condition for the true stability of the organism.”

    BUT with this said, I always find artificial man-made substances have a history of negatively impacting our homeostasis (healthy internal state) and whenever possible I eat, train and live like Mother Nature (and our ancestors) intended…. because as technology, our food and lifestyles all evolve…. Biologically speaking we’ve remained relatively unchanged for 200,000 years :-)”

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