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Bulletproof Coffee

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      Ross Edgley

      So speaking to chriswilloughby who posted a great question all around Bulletproof coffee and if he should use it…

      I thought I’d open up a thread to see who else has (or is considering) used it, but this is my take…

      So my opinion/advice on bulletproof coffee will always depend on someone’s goals. So for instance, coconut oil is (of course) a fat which contains 8 calories per gram (compared to carbohydrates 4 calories per gram) so often I would be careful recommending this to anyone who’s goal is fat loss because it’s easy to use too much which makes achieving a calorie deficit harder (not impossible and not necessarily a bad thing, but I’m always just “careful recommending” since this is the basic laws of thermodynamics: calories in vs calories out)

      BUT this said, I am a big fan of coconut oil and its MCT (medium chain triglycerides) content when it comes to sports performance and looking for what could be described as a “secondary fuel source”. So taken from a past article of mine:

      “Firstly a little about the history of medium chain triglycerides; they were formulated back in the 1950’s as a special kind of fatty acid that would serve as a calorie source for people with the inability to digest fats or who need to gain weight quickly, such as those suffering from cancer and other diseases. They are absorbed more quickly than their chemical cousins, long-chain triglycerides, because they’re shorter and more soluble in water. This makes it possible for medium chain triglycerides to pass directly from the intestines into the bloodstream (quite similar to how carbohydrates are used) unlike how most fatty acids must pass from the intestines into the lymphatic system before they can enter the bloodstream. It’s believed this unique quality of medium chain triglycerides is responsible for its energy boosting and performance enhancing properties and why it acts more like a fuel like carbohydrates than a fat.

      This essentially makes them a very effective (secondary) energy supply that means the MCT’s could be used as a fuel whilst sparring muscle glycogen (store carbohydrates) for later in a race. In fact in one study conducted at the University of Cape Town Medical School it was discovered medium chain triglyceride ingestion increased free fatty acid concentration, reduced carbohydrate oxidation and spared muscle glycogen stores, all of which resulted in the improved performance of the 6 endurance-trained cyclists that completed a simulated 40-km time trial during the study.”

      In summary, should you use bulletproof coffee depends A LOT on your 2018 goals (since there’s also many studies that look at immune health and cognitive functioning on fats/ketones, so that’s worth considering too)

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