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Bedtime Muscle Shake

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    Ross Edgley

    Me and richard_fearn were just talking about recovery methods and bedtime nutrition, so I wanted to share this from a past article I wrote on a few ingredients you can look to include in your nocturnal nutrition shake

    The perfect bed time shake recipe

    – 30 grams Casein protein
    – 2g L- Arginine
    – 2g L- Lysine & Arginine
    – 5g Glutamine
    – 1g HMB

    Slow Release Protein

    The 7-9 hours you (should) spend asleep are crucial for muscle growth. Since you can’t chomp chicken every few hours, you need to pick a pre-bed shake that delivers vital amino acids and peptides throughout the night. Recent studies conducted at the University of Auvergne, France revealed dietary amino acid absorption is slower in casein than in whey protein. So favour casein protein as the basis of your pre-bed shake.

    L-Lysine and L-Arginine

    Your body produces up to 70% of its human growth hormone (a prime driver of muscle growth) while you are asleep. A University of Turin study saw subjects triple their HGH levels with L-Arginine supplementation – and a University of Rome study found that combining L-Arginine with L-Lysine was 10 times more effective than taking L-Arginine alone.


    During deep sleep, your body releases potent substances that strengthen your immune system. Research from the University College of Dublin found the immune-boosting properties of glutamine were so impressive, it was used to treat patients with inflammatory conditions. Putting 5g in your shake to support a healthy immune system and fend off injury and illness is especially vital for those undertaking rigorous training schedules.


    HMB (beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate) is an amino acid that has been proven to delay the breakdown of muscle protein, promote tissue growth and strengthen the immune system. Enough said.

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    Interesting to see the full breakdown and benefits of each ingredient. Is this consumed every night?

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