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4 Simple Ways to Turbocharge Your Metabolism

Studies show the fate of your body fat and metabolism are intertwined. You can’t alter one without impacting the other. So how can you ensure the latter is working correctly to favourably alter the former? Well, the honest answer is with great difficulty. This is because the word metabolism is casually thrown around gyms the world over […]

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6 Life Changes To Burn Fat Faster

Studies show losing fat takes time and patience. But what if you have neither? What if your beach holiday is now weeks away or you’ve a friend’s wedding round the corner and that fitted suit in the wardrobe now feels a little too snug around the stomach? Well, never fear. Recent studies show there are changes you […]

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1 Simple Secret To SUPER Strength

STRENGTH SCIENCE Plateaued on your dead lift? One of the most important aspects to a deadlift is something called your “rate of force development” (ROFD). This is possibly one of the most under-appreciated areas of applied science when it comes to strength training. Rate of force development is related to the speed at which the muscles can produce force, obviously the faster the ROFD the...

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Extreme Endurance Nutrition: How To Fuel 24 Hours of Sport

The time was 6:00pm on October 1st 2016… Incredibly sore but equally successful I had managed to complete 24 hours of non-stop sport around the campus of Loughborough University. Was it hard? Yes. Brutal. Would I do it again? You know it! I’m already planning the next one! The reason being if you understand some […]

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The World’s Strongest Triathlon: Nevis Caribbean Island

  2016 has been (pleasantly) crazy so far… In an effort to raise money and awareness for some truly brilliant causes, in January I ran around Silverstone race circuit with a car on my back (World’s Strongest Marathon). Then in April I climbed a rope for 19 hours until I climbed the height of Everest (World’s […]

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#JustDoMore: Increase Work Capacity & Make ANY Fitness Goal Easier

#JustDoMore Increase Work Capacity 50% | Make ANY Fitness Goal Easier Online Group | FREE To Join | Get Involved Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Snapchat: Rossedgley If you increase your Work Capacity EVERYTHING becomes easier! Work Capacity: The Secret to Training Harder, Heavier & Longer Work Capacity can be defined as the total […]

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How and Why I’m Attempting The World’s Longest Rope Climb (8,848m)

FREE TRAINING & DIET NEWSLETTER: SIGN UP TO GET FREE RECIPES & WORKOUTS STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX (enter your email above) Attempting the World’s Longest Rope Climb. Why I’m Climbing a Rope for 24 Hours Until I’ve Scaled the Height of Everest For Charity (8,848m)  Functional training can take many forms. But on the 22nd of April 2016 I will attempt The World’s […]

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New Bicep Exercises

Conventional bicep exercises can be boring & fail to provide results. For this reason here's some new bicep exercises backed by science.

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