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1 Simple Secret To SUPER Strength

1 Simple Secret To SUPER Strength

Plateaued on your dead lift? One of the most important aspects to a deadlift is something called your “rate of force development” (ROFD). This is possibly one of the most under-appreciated areas of applied science when it comes to strength training. Rate of force development is related to the speed at which the muscles can produce force, obviously the faster the ROFD the quicker and more explosive the movement.

To use an example let’s consider the two athletes performing a 200kg deadlift. Now both Athlete A and Athlete B are capable of producing 200kg of force, but lifter A has a significantly faster rate of force development. What this means is it may take Athlete A just two seconds to produce the required force to get the bar moving and off the floor and four second to lock it out at the top of the lift.

However Athlete B might have a slower rate of force development which means they take four seconds to get the bar moving and another four to lock it out. Ultimately what this means is Athlete B takes longer to complete the lift and might therefore fatigue before fully locking out.

In summary, to build a stronger deadlift focus on the speed of the movement too, not just the strength of the movement. This will improve your ROFD and in turn you’ll start adding kg’s onto your personal best

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Ross Edgley