The World's Strongest Triathlon: Nevis Caribbean Island - Ross Edgley

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The World’s Strongest Triathlon: Nevis Caribbean Island


2016 has been (pleasantly) crazy so far…

In an effort to raise money and awareness for some truly brilliant causes, in January I ran around Silverstone race circuit with a car on my back (World’s Strongest Marathon). Then in April I climbed a rope for 19 hours until I climbed the height of Everest (World’s Longest Rope Climb).

I finished both sore but successful and then (for a moment) looked forward to restoring some degree of normality to my training and life. 1929051_1023173574405607_2313699139006690943_n

It didn’t last long…

I get bored easily, have an inability to say “no” to a challenge and have an awesome friend by the name of Jane Hansom. Widely considered to be one of the greatest endurance athletes to ever compete at the Ironman World Championships, she has more accolades in swimming, running, cycling, triathlons and Ironmans than I do bruises and blisters from the rope climb and marathon (that’s A LOT for those wondering).

Anyway, after the rope climb (and over a celebratory burger and chips) Jane spoke about the Caribbean Island of Nevis. A small, 36-square-mile island that has plans to transition completely to renewable energy sources in the next ten years.

How did more people not know about this! This is iconic! Historic! A potential turning point as we look to mend our fragile relationship with Mother Nature!  

Jane agreed! We brainstormed…

The Idea…

It’s at this point I should mention Jane is Director of Sponge Marketing. So when we catch up our ideas are never small. By the time dessert arrived our notepads were out and we were 4 pages of notes into some pretty colossal ideas to drum up support for Nevis.

“I’ve got it” she said putting down the pen to signal all other ideas will pale in comparison.

“The Nevis Triathlon is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful triathlons in the world. Why don’t you do it with something heavy?”

“A tree?” I replied. Symbolic of the huge leaps forward being made in eco-technology by the island it seemed logical. We need something big, strange and never done before so people take n13227466_1105694979486799_5479992584795429556_oote of Nevis and it’s pioneering work!

We nodded. Notepads were closed. Dessert arrived.

The Challenge… 

On the 12th of November I will complete the World’s Strongest Triathlon (at the annual  Nevis Triathlon). Carrying a 100 pound+ tree I will:

  • Swim: 1000m
  • Cycle: 62km
  • Run: 10km

How? If i can be completely honest, at the moment I’m not entirely sure (as you can tell from the picture). But you can follow my training videos, progress and plan on all of my social media channels and in my newsletter below…

This one is going to be awesome!

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