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ALL the ingredients in this are functional with health/performance benefits! From the flavanoid content of the dark chocolate to the vitamin C content of the strawberries. Essentially very nutrient dense! PLUS is ready in 5 minutes in the microwave and awesome protein/carb ratio!

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What is Carb Backloading & How To Do It

CARB BACKLOADING & CARBOHYDRATE MANIPULATION Carb Backloading is a nutritional protocol designed to manage your carbohydrate intake to increase lean muscle and lower your body fat. Carb Backloading is a phrase coined by nutrition expert John Kiefer and is relatively new to the mainstream. But the basic lessons have been used by athletes, bodybuilders and fitness models for...

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Extreme Endurance Nutrition: How To Fuel 24 Hours of Sport

The time was 6:00pm on October 1st 2016… Incredibly sore but equally successful I had managed to complete 24 hours of non-stop sport around the campus of Loughborough University. Was it hard? Yes. Brutal. Would I do it again? You know it! I’m already planning the next one! The reason being if you understand some […]

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My Green Tea Superpowered Smoothie

Making a smoothie is a science and an art form. You have to be able to mix fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals in the exact quantities that will be appreciated by both your immune system and taste buds. Which is exactly why I wanted to present My Green Tea Superpowered Smoothie! It’s a bold claim, but […]

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Healthy Granola (Carb:Fat Rich)

On the 12th of November I completed an Olympic-distance triathlon carrying a 100-lbs tree on the island of Nevis. A strange way to spend a Saturday I know, but the reason for my newly invented sport was to bring global attention to the island’s pioneering advancements in green energy whilst at the same time proving […]

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Should you have cheat meals? Answer: Yes if it helps you by bringing about any of these nutritional responses...

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CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

The supplement market contains a whole array of products that have been specially formulated to help you lose fat. These range from lipolytic agents, thermogenics, thyroid stimulators, fat transporters and appetite suppressants. But few have been supported by as many medical journals (both through anecdotal and epidemiological evidence) as the special fatty acid known as Conjugated Linoleic...

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