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Cinnamon Protein Muffin

I put cinnamon on everything and anything! Why? Well, firstly because I love the taste. But secondly because research published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that, “Cinnamon may improve insulin sensitivity” too. What this means is a sprinkling of this spice can improve how your body assimilates and processes carbohydrates. Which is […]

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4 Ways To Eat, Drink AND LOSE FAT This Christmas

According to the British Dietetic Association, the average Briton gains 2.7kg over the Christmas period. But is it possible to go through the festive season without joining this statistic? Yes. And you don’t have to live on brussel sprouts from now until the New Year. Drink with science Alcohol is often vilified. Many people decline […]

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Protein Snow Balls

Christmas is a time of food, festivity and (possibly) not much fitness. Which is why (due to popular demand on social media) I’ve decided to put together some protein-packed Christmas recipes using THE PROTEIN WORKS™ whey protein chocolate protein powder. This one I call Protein Snowballs and is so easy to make. No cooking required, […]

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Truth About Alcohol & Fat Loss

For years beer has been belly’s sworn enemy. Depending on your choice of drink, those brewed liquid calories served at the bar could contain anywhere between 150 to 550 calories per pint (580 if you’re partial to a vintage cider). Which is why many nutritionists have traditionally insisted that alcohol and abs could never be friends. Thankfully studies […]

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4 Simple Ways to Turbocharge Your Metabolism

Studies show the fate of your body fat and metabolism are intertwined. You can’t alter one without impacting the other. So how can you ensure the latter is working correctly to favourably alter the former? Well, the honest answer is with great difficulty. This is because the word metabolism is casually thrown around gyms the world over […]

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Post-workout nutrition will never be the same again. Presenting the, “Chocolate Protein Cheesecake” a nutrient dense recipe that helps you meet your elevated macro requirements (protein and carbohydrates) and enhance recovery after the gym....

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6 Life Changes To Burn Fat Faster

Studies show losing fat takes time and patience. But what if you have neither? What if your beach holiday is now weeks away or you’ve a friend’s wedding round the corner and that fitted suit in the wardrobe now feels a little too snug around the stomach? Well, never fear. Recent studies show there are changes you […]

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ALL the ingredients in this are functional with health/performance benefits! From the flavanoid content of the dark chocolate to the vitamin C content of the strawberries. Essentially very nutrient dense! PLUS is ready in 5 minutes in the microwave and awesome protein/carb ratio!

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What is Carb Backloading & How To Do It

CARB BACKLOADING & CARBOHYDRATE MANIPULATION Carb Backloading is a nutritional protocol designed to manage your carbohydrate intake to increase lean muscle and lower your body fat. Carb Backloading is a phrase coined by nutrition expert John Kiefer and is relatively new to the mainstream. But the basic lessons have been used by athletes, bodybuilders and fitness models for...

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