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Extreme Endurance Nutrition: How To Fuel 24 Hours of Sport

The time was 6:00pm on October 1st 2016… Incredibly sore but equally successful I had managed to complete 24 hours of non-stop sport around the campus of Loughborough University. Was it hard? Yes. Brutal. Would I do it again? You know it! I’m already planning the next one! The reason being if you understand some […]

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The World’s Strongest Triathlon: Nevis Caribbean Island

  2016 has been (pleasantly) crazy so far… In an effort to raise money and awareness for some truly brilliant causes, in January I ran around Silverstone race circuit with a car on my back (World’s Strongest Marathon). Then in April I climbed a rope for 19 hours until I climbed the height of Everest (World’s […]

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#JustDoMore: Increase Work Capacity & Make ANY Fitness Goal Easier

#JustDoMore Increase Work Capacity 50% | Make ANY Fitness Goal Easier Online Group | FREE To Join | Get Involved Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Snapchat: Rossedgley If you increase your Work Capacity EVERYTHING becomes easier! Work Capacity: The Secret to Training Harder, Heavier & Longer Work Capacity can be defined as the total […]

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How and Why I’m Attempting The World’s Longest Rope Climb (8,848m)

FREE TRAINING & DIET NEWSLETTER: SIGN UP TO GET FREE RECIPES & WORKOUTS STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX (enter your email above) Attempting the World’s Longest Rope Climb. Why I’m Climbing a Rope for 24 Hours Until I’ve Scaled the Height of Everest For Charity (8,848m)  Functional training can take many forms. But on the 22nd of April 2016 I will attempt The World’s […]

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New Bicep Exercises

Conventional bicep exercises can be boring & fail to provide results. For this reason here's some new bicep exercises backed by science.

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